Making Merlin – Part Two

Renovations in Merlin honestly started minutes after we got the keys. We knew right off that we wanted to reupholster the couch and dinette. The dinette pieces were easy to pull out. The couch though… We had no idea how on earth to take it out or if it was even take outable (totally know this isn’t a word, but lets just go with it). To our complete and total surprise removing the couch was the easiest task in all the renovation work. A socket wrench and 8 bolts/nuts were all that stood between us and couch removal. We made quick work of that and had it in my car 10 minutes. If only everything else could have been that easy…

Thankfully we knew better than to take on reupholstery – so we found a local place to have that done (big shout out to Alexx and F&S Fabrics). We had the fabric picked out a week or so later and that project was out of our hands.

Next we started the painting. Those 5 words in no way reflect how HUGE the painting portion of this renovation was to become. We started in mid-March and just brushed the last bit of paint this past Sunday (6/5/16). Except for a day here and there, we spent every weekend up in Santa Clarita (where Merlin lives for now in storage) sanding, cleaning walls, taping, priming, painting, and then more priming and painting.

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