Merlin gets his toad!

Cars that are towed behind RVs have a few names: toad, dinghy. After debating this topic for a while – we finally decided (just last week) that a Smart car made the most sense for us. We had originally thought we’d go without a car, but that idea was quickly dismissed after further thought and discussions with actual RVers. Then we decided to tow my car (a Hyundai wagon) because it’s actually designated for towing and was a bit lighter than Bryan’s GTI. But we couldn’t get away from the fact that the Smart car is 1000 lbs lighter than my car and almost 6 feet shorter!! These are huge considerations when towing a vehicle. The only real question was if our cat carrier could fit in the back. The ability to transport the kitties (if/when needed) is a major priority (hence, why we didn’t do a moped – like we really wanted. Beep beep!). One trip to Car Max with our cat carrier and cat tube in hand sealed the deal (definitely got a lot of attention walking through the dealership and lot w/ these – lol). They both fit with a little room to spare and with the driver and passenger still fitting comfortably!

We quickly found a private seller with one that was priced right and had the options we wanted. Saw it on Saturday at 9am and drove away with it by 11am – done and done! This went from foggy idea stage to purchase in less than a week. No time to spare – departure date is just around the corner! After a visit to AAA for the registration and insurance stuff, Smarty (her nickname for now) was on her way to meet Merlin.

IMG_20160625_140244 (Small)

Our new little Smarty is really an awesome and high quality ride. You would be surprised how roomy she is on the inside! I don’t feel cramped at all as either driver or passenger. The “trunk” space is decent enough when you consider how TINY this thing is! We should have no problem loading up provisions and transporting the normal stuff. I will definitely miss my wagon for how much it could carry and Bryan’s GTI for just being super fast and fun to drive – but Smarty is really ideal for this new chapter or our lives. We’re both used to driving stick, so this being automatic is a bit of a bummer. However, there is paddle shifting (I know, FANCY, right?!) in Smarty. I used it today driving around town and I liked it! Regardless, this is not a performance vehicle and we just have to accept that for now. But she’s super cute, I mean look at her! Adorable.

IMG_20160625_120626 (Small)
Smarty getting smogged in Burbank. 

Besides deciding on the proper tow vehicle, we have been busy unloading our life. I have been very active on Craigslist and our house is becoming less and less furnished each day. Furniture is being replaced by boxes and plastic containers. Camping tables and chairs are standing in for real furniture.

With each thing I check off on my to-do list, I remember a few more things that need to be done and add those on. If you know me even a little, you know I’m an anxious person – so no surprise that I’m extremely stressed right now and overwhelmed. Thankfully though – Bryan is pretty calm with everything and is confident that it will all get done in time. As each piece of furniture leaves and we take bigger and bigger steps to actually making this whole crazy idea real – I’m getting super excited! We’re so fortunate for this opportunity to go on this adventure – we can’t wait to hit the road.

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