Merlin’s Finishing Touches

02_home depot

While we still have a handful of things left to get Merlin road-ready (figure out jacks issue, hook-up solar panels, install composting toilet, and get tow kit installed for Merlin and Smart car) – we were able to wrap up the inside stuff this weekend!!

The pic above is Merlin in the Home Depot parking lot. This past Saturday – we started working on building out the front TV cabinet that used to hold the old school HUGE TV. We took him there thinking it made the most sense to be close to the hardware store – since no project can be done with only one trip for materials/supplies. This project ended up taking 3 trips in total. While we had the best intentions – we felt so confident after the first trip that we headed back to the storage lot with Merlin and began the project. Of course just a few hours in we realized we needed different screws, washers, etc. It was too late in the day to make the Home Depot run, so we worked on a few other pieces of the project and resumed everything Sunday morning. I am so proud to report that the gaping hole in the front cab of Merlin is now finished and is home to a flat panel TV with storage behind. Check out the transformation here:

Bryan put together an awesome design plan and we’re confident this TV isn’t going anywhere. (Big thanks to Bryan’s dad for giving us one of his TVs!)

In addition to the TV cabinet, we installed the new cab curtains that I made (18 feet of curtains – omg! So happy to have those done) and put up some decor. Since we’ve had Merlin he’s been under renovation – floors covered in plastic drop cloths, paint, tools, materials everywhere, etc. Yesterday, we finally pulled up the last of all that and took a look around – Merlin looks AWESOME! He’s starting to feel like a home and I think it will only get better once we starting putting in our stuff and settling in. A few more weeks to go and A LOT to do before then.

NOTE: We don’t want to bore any of you with the specific details of all these renovations, but if there is anyone reading this that would like information on what we did and how we did it, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d gladly share what worked, what didn’t, etc.



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