The Merlin Residence Begins!

It’s official – we LIVE in Merlin. No more apartment in Los Angeles – Merlin is our home. This is crazy right? We officially moved in Saturday and it all still feels surreal. Thankfully we did a week of overlap with both Merlin at the campground and the apartment – so I was able to work on it each day last week. By Saturday most everything was already moved in and mostly put away. I did a bit more organizing yesterday and I’d say we’re pretty settled!

One of our biggest fears was that we had brought way too much stuff and we’d be busting at the seams. Good news – with everything in there is still room to spare! The next step will be to weigh Merlin at a local truck stop to see if we’re overweight. The specs for this RV include weight limits and for safety, etc. – we want to be sure to be within those before we set off. This means more downsizing may be necessary – ugh! Fingers crossed we’re within weight.

This is Bryan’s last week at work – so he’s got a crap commute 😦 But he’s being a trooper and I know he’s happy to have had the time to transition things to the rest of his team. Even though it took him 1.5 hours to get home last night – we managed to have a nice dinner al fresco. I grilled up veggies and some chicken on our awesome grill (thanks Jeremy & Keli for this, we LOVE it).

Another concern was how Gemma and Schnabbies would adjust to living in Merlin. I’m so happy to say that it’s going really well so far!! I think the test run with them back over Memorial Day worked out a few of the kinks – so this transition went pretty smooth. While they are spending a lot of time under the couch sleeping – it’s been crazy hot up here and our spoiled little ladies have only lived in West Los Angeles, so are more used to moderate temps. Overall, though, they’re doing a lot of their normal stuff and seem happy/comfortable.

Gemma of course is pushing all boundaries. The first day here – she was very adamant about wanting to come join us outside on the patio – so I put on her harness and leash and brought her out with us on our chair. Not surprising – she wanted to wander and I didn’t have the energy to take her for her first walk, so I shut that down. She hissed and made it known that this was unacceptable. She went back inside pretty quickly. But it was a good first step into getting her more comfortable outside. This actually is biting me in the ass right now, though, because Gemma thinks she should be able to go out every time I open the door. And yesterday – after I unknowingly left the screen door open – she snuck out. Thank goodness I was standing right there working in a storage bin and snatched her up immediately. I was still shaking over this hours later 😦 We’re going to have to be EXTREMELY cautious with these little ladies!

My plan is to knock out what I can on our to-do list this week – but next week (once Bryan is done with work) is when the serious projects begin: tow package for Archie/Smarty, install composting toilet, work on jacks, and figure out solar panel situation. I’m a little nervous about taking these all on – but thankfully we have a number of good friends who have offered to help and we’ll definitely be reaching out should we get in a jam.

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