So Close – Yet So Far…

IMG_20160805_104439 (Small)
Put back together AGAIN! Good as new – even better, actually! Ready to be a TOAD!

*Apologies for the late post here – we have only just been able to access the inter-webs last night.**

We had originally planned to leave at the very end of July, but because the tow kit installation took longer than we had expected, our departure got pushed just a little bit. We needed the first week of August to wrap up other more minor tow kit items and everything else that had to be completed before we could actually leave Castaic (including: figuring out how we were going to haul our bikes {see pics and note #2 below}, running brake lines, rewiring the TOAD lights, etc.). Because we were anxious to hit the road, we decided to postpone all projects that we’d be able to do on the road (solar panels, compositing toilet, jacks). We figure, as we make our way to Montana and the Pacific Northwest – we’ll come across towns where we can park in a Home Depot/Lowes to wrap up these last few things However, “last few” is a total lie – living in an RV full-time (as I have already mentioned) results in regular repair and maintenance issues that we’ll have to figure out how to resolve (or live with).

NOTE #1: I really hope that my posts don’t ever come across as me complaining. I COMPLETELY understand how fortunate we are to have the means and opportunity to take this once in a lifetime adventure. Our intention of this blog is to share all of our experiences – good, bad, beautiful, ugly, and everything in-between. The work leading up to our lift-off has been trying for sure – but we continually try to keep things in perspective that it’s all working towards the bigger picture of an amazing experience that we’ll cherish forever.

After the tow kit installation, we were absolutely destroyed. That was a major mental, physical, and (for me at least) emotional project. This last week in Castaic was a bit tough as a result. Also, I think I already mentioned it – but it was in the high 90s and low 100s for the entire time we were camping in Castaic – doing any type of physical activity was rough and almost everything that needed to be done required us to be outside on the ground and under a vehicle. We managed to get a lot done and have a few fun times as well – but overall, we were just anxious to get going. And get going we did – Monday night!

See the fun times below:

NOTE #2: In the pics below you’ll see our bikes on a bike rack and jutting out of a hitch. Figuring out how we wanted to carry these was more complicated than you would think. We had multiple options: off the back of Smarty and then, if so, how…, off the back of Merlin, off the ladder, off the front of Merlin). We decided on hitching them to the back of Merlin and this was made possible by our wonderful friend and neighbor, Fred aka The Bike Man, whose incredibly generous going present enabled us to bring our bikes along safely!

So many projects COMPLETED!!:

IMG_20160808_082128 (Small)
Tow bar, brakes, extra brakes, safety cables (not pictured) – check, check, & check!
IMG_20160808_092902 (Small)
Hitch & bike rack – courtesy of Fred/The Bikeman. THANKS Fred!!!



3 thoughts on “So Close – Yet So Far…”

  1. Hi Jamie and Bryan, So glad to hear you two are finally on your way. Really excited to see where your next blog comes from. Have fun!


  2. Nice to see you two are hitting the road! The rig is looking great, hope the cats are adjusting well. Can not wait to see what adventure awaits.


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