Gold Fever in the Idaho Panhandle.

After chores, etc. at the Walmart in Coeur d’Alene, ID we backtracked to explore Kellog & Wallace, ID. We stayed at a gold mine campground where we FINALLY were able to shower!! 

We stayed 2 nights and did a lot in this short amount of time: gold mine tour, panning for gold, 20-mile bike ride to Wallace (round trip), brothel tour, and beer tastings. We loved both of these towns and they are on my (Jaimi) short list of potential new homesteads 🙂 But I realize we have 40+ more states to go so…

We’ve been taking Gemma on regular walks – she’s doing great. We’ve had no more cat escapes – thank goodness. Schnabbies isn’t feeling the harness just yet, so her walks are on hold for now.

We’re getting the hang of living in Merlin – although the drive days are still a bit stressful. We take turns, so it’s nice to have a break here & there. 

We knew the next stop was Washington state, but where – it was up in the air….

5 thoughts on “Gold Fever in the Idaho Panhandle.”

  1. With brothel tours and beer tasting available, this town should be on anyone’s list of potential homesteads! What kind of beer s did yaals get?


    1. Yep! Those features def put this town at the tops 🙂
      As for beer, my fave was: CITRA PEAK IPA (6.5% IBU 74) An IPA with a citrus flavor and aroma, balanced with a slight bitterness at the end. This came from Northern Idaho Mountain Brew (last pic above). Sooo good!!


      1. Oh nice! With citra hops and 74 ibu, that would be a great beer. I would obvi hope for a higher abv, but as long as its nice and clean tasting as I’m sure it was, I’d happily drink it. So what kind of stout was that other one? Was that a Brian beer choice? Also do you have room in ur ride for rent? I think I want to air bnb me a place on ur couch after seeing all the amazing places yaals have been travln too!


      2. You are correct my friend! Delicious milk stout nitro from North Idaho Mountain Brew. I also enjoyed the redlight Irish red, the 1910 black lager and the Wallace strong ale from Wallace Brewing Company. =)


  2. It was great fun meeting you in Wallace – you are a young couple who is enjoying traveling through the United States as much as we do. Like you, we are super curious about everything we see, and we both spend time researching whenever we have WiFi! Keep on traveling and loving life! It is good!


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