More Time in the Gorgeous Gorge

Our next stop wasn’t too far down the Columbia River from the John Day Dam. We ended up finding a spot at Wyeth Campground (about 20 miles west of Hood River). Our spot was tucked in the woods and we were under a canopy of trees. Our camp host let us know that there was a beautiful 80 foot waterfall just a mile-hike behind the campground. We did this first thing and we’re met with an amazing site! Take a look:

We stayed here several days and did two day trips to the surrounding areas.

Day 1 – the Bonneville Dam and Bonneville Fish Hatchery. These were unexpected GEMS! The dam had a lot of information and exhibits about the fish ladder. We both found this super interesting. Going to the fishery was a total last minute decision and we ended up spending a good amount of time there. It’s from the 1920s – so architecture and grounds were absolutely beautiful and again really interesting information on the whole process around keeping lakes and rivers stocked with fish.


Don’t know about you, but I’ve never been much of a fish toucher. 

Day 2 – We did a short portion of Hood River’s Fruit Loop (a 35-mile loop full of roadside produce farms, flower and lavender fields, wineries, etc.) and took home a number of wonderful items: pumpkins, corn relish (SO DELICIOUS), Foxtail hard cider, and a handful of apples and pears. The drive through the countryside with Mt. Hood in the distance was fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. On our way back we poked around Hood River and had some local beer and food.



As with everywhere we’ve been so far, we barely scratched the surface here and would love the chance to come back to explore more in the future!

3 thoughts on “More Time in the Gorgeous Gorge”

  1. What great adventures! Love the pictures. You both look so happy, and you are seeing so many amazing things. We look forward to your next post! Loves, Pam and Jim


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