The Gulf Coast of Texas

Magnolia Beach

We made it to the beach!  It was amazing to us that there were beaches that you could stay on for free, and they were not packed with people.  The offshore oil is very apparent and funded the bathroom and showers at Magnolia beach.

The crushed shell beach was pretty awesome.  We made it through a couple of very windy days of blowing sand.  On the one 80 degree day we even jumped in for a swim!

Texas has a lot of German history, and this was a major port where German immigrants entered on the way to New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, and other areas.

Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula

For our second beach stay we bought some parking passes to stay on the Bolivar Peninsula which required that we take a ferry across from Galveston.  Driving an RV on a ferry for the first time was a bit frightening.  Those lanes are not very wide.

Parking right on the beach gave us a beautiful view and sunsets every night.  Plenty of solar power to keep us going here!

Jaimi found a NOAA sea turtle research facility that we were able to tour.  They have been working to test and implement safety bars on shrimp nets so turtles don’t get caught and drown.

We finally got to learn a bit about the oil rigs we had seen offshore at the oil rig museum in Galveston.  This museum is in the retired Ocean Star oil rig.  It was very cool and informative.


The kitties enjoyed looking out at the birds on both beaches.

2 thoughts on “The Gulf Coast of Texas”

  1. I love how you tell your story through your photos! I might borrow this idea a bit more! 🙂 Are the Mardi Gras photos from TX too? We were in NOLA a week ago and absolutely loved it!! In Phoenix now and no clue what’s next. Bon voyage!


    1. Thanks!! When we started the blog we wrote a lot more, but I think folks enjoy the pics more – so we’ve gone that route instead.
      Yes, Mardi Gras seemed to be a big part of Galveston, TX. Lots of decorations and events. We just got to LA this week – looking forward to more Mardi Gras fun!!
      AZ – yay!! That is the one Western state we missed. Have fun!!


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