NH: Family, Maintenance, and More!

Overdue Maintenance

Another safe driveway to work in allowed us the chance to tackle some long overdue maintenance projects on Merlin. This is certainly the less glorious, less spoken about, part of life on the road. Project number one was to wash the exterior of Merlin. This would mark the first time we’ve done this since purchase over a year ago. We were quickly reminded that these RVs are large vehicles when we climbed up on the roof 12 and a half feet off the ground. Luckily hand washing a large flat surface wasn’t terrible, and the fiberglass roof and walls washed up pretty nicely.

Project two was to re-caulk the aluminum channel that connects the roof to the sidewall. After doing some research we found that this is somewhat of a known issue on Winnebago fiberglass roofs and probably others as well. The adhesive in this channel is supposed to be checked every 6 months! Our roof had definitely pulled away from the adhesive and aluminum channel and the remaining adhesive appeared to be very old. This area was full of dirt and was even growing moss in some areas! We took the time to scrape it all out and clean the channel with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. After letting the entire area dry we applied the new sealant. This was a tedious job and it was a bit scary hanging over the edge of the roof. It sure looks better than when we started, but we’ll have to see how this holds up over the next few months.

By project three we were less enthusiastic about more hard work, but we trudged on to polishing. After the first side was done we wanted to be done. We pressed on and after more elbow grease and a few days of time we did manage to finish all the exterior surfaces including the roof. The result was a nice sheen and the removal of some of the scratches we had added to Merlin.

On top of these larger tasks we also did our regular oil change, some small repairs of things we broke during our adventures including our radio antenna, an upper front marker light, and interior cleanup. This work was not fun to be sure, but we now feel a sense of relief knowing it has been done, and Merlin is sealed up well for now.

NH – Not all work! family friends and the beach too.

We did have fun lined up for our stay as well. Our first weekend began with the camping trip mentioned in the previous post. After the chores were done, or perhaps more as a relief and procrastination between chores, we got to visit friends and family around New Hampshire. We also had many great pool days with the niece, nephew, and fam. Thankfully the pool hit 80 and the weather was mostly cooperative. Other favorite pastimes included shoveling ice cream and fried seafood into our faces. Grammy’s cookies, Grampy’s meatloaf, Moe’s subs, Roland’s subs and lobster rolls round out our normal musts for our seacoast New Hampshire visits.

Bayley’s Campground in Old Orchard Beach: Our rig next to aunt and uncle’s trailer across from mom and dad’s Class A. So awesome!
Wallis Sands, Rye, NH

4 thoughts on “NH: Family, Maintenance, and More!”

  1. Pops and I are so happy that you guys are safe and having a wonderful time. Can’t wait for you to make a trip back to California


  2. Looks like fun and maybe some well deserved pool time! 🙂
    Funny story… life has taken us to Moab Utah, so we will be putting our Durango small home on the market and doing it (building) again in Moab! Just wanted to let you guys know where we are in case you happen through again.
    Keep living the dream!
    Sonja and Jake


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