(Canal) Locks of Love from NY & OH


While it’s a little late (better late than never, though), we have an official theme song for this wild adventure of ours. This song was introduced to us by awesome camping neighbors we met in Stow, OH – Dan and Wendy and it’s totally perfect: “I’ve Been Everywhere”. It’s been done by a number of people, but Johnny Cash’s version is pretty fantastic. Check it out!

 Now that we’re halfway through July, the reality of this wild adventure coming to a close is hitting us hard. We just passed the year mark of when we gave up our apartment in Los Angeles and began living in Merlin! Thinking back to that time fills our heads with crazy yet fond memories.

 A few of our recent stops have helped us in prioritizing the items on our checklist for what we want/need in our next hometown. Since we hit the Appalachian Mountains, we’ve been so taken with the all-encompassing GREEN, mountains, rivers, and lakes. Moving west from New Hampshire we’ve continued to encounter lush, green land, with so many interesting and unique hiking and biking paths!! In our continued time in these kinds of places, we have realized the possibility exists for having a couple acres of land, a small house, and access to all of these things we love.

 We have really enjoyed our time across middle / upstate NY and the Great Lakes regions of NY and Ohio. This area has so much of what we’ve been looking for and then some. Whether we end up here at some point or not, it has definitely helped us identify the features and characteristics of a place that are important to us.

 Here is the brief update on stops for this portion of the adventure:

 We experienced our worst drive day weather yet! The Berkshires on the way to Albany, NY sure gave us a walloping thunderstorm. WOW! Merlin and Smarty were pelted with quarter inch hail and rocked by really nasty winds that were keeping leaves floating in the air. Luckily this all passed quickly and Merlin and crew rolled slowly and safely along, no damage done.

Thompson Lake Campground / Thacher State Park – Voorheesville, NY

In Albany, we had a meet-up with a great college friend and roommate Maura, and finally got to meet her husband and son! Plus we stayed in a beautiful NY state park.

Abbot Farms – Baldwinsville, NY

Another Harvest Host win with the great folks at Abbot Farms. We picked strawberries and bought some of their own farm raised beef! They also have great ice cream that happened to come from Maine!

Wayne County Fairgrounds – Palmyra, NY

From a home base at Wayne County Fairgrounds in Palmyra, NY we enjoyed riding our bikes along the Erie Canal tow path now converted to a bike path that spans 200 miles! Also, visited the Finger Lakes regions – it was beautiful.

Seneca Niagara Casino – Niagara Falls, NY

We stayed in a casino parking lot walking distance from Niagara Falls. The falls are amazing – like really incredible. The area around the falls on both the US and Canada sides is straight up nasty. The absolute worst tourist crap hole we’ve seen. Hated it. Our suggestion if you ever want to see the falls, stay far from this area and just drive in for the afternoon or take a tour bus.

A day trip from here was to Lockport. This was another town right on the Canal that has preserved some of the old locks and it was fun to see them in action.

Silver Springs Campground – Stow, OH

Our NEW favorite spot so far = Stow, OH! We loved this area so much that we extended our stay. We camped here longer than any other campground (9 nights). We were right on one of the most epic bike paths we’ve come across and less than 10 miles to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. With places to swim, 100s of miles of bike paths, hiking trails up the wazoo, and Cleveland just 35 minutes away – this place was for the win!

White Star Campground – Gibsonburg, OH

This was our final stop in Ohio but I’m certain we’ll be back. We had the campground to ourselves and a beautiful swimming quarry just across the street. From here we visited Cedar Point amusement park. The rides at this place were off the charts insane. We were walking through the gates at 10am on the dot when they opened and crossing those same gates again 13 hours later when they were kicking us out. It was one of our priciest excursions yet – but worth every single penny. If you like roller coasters and are ever within 100 miles of this place, I cannot recommend this park enough. We had a blast!! Plus it’s right on Lake Erie – providing great views and cool breezes. We were also able to visit Perrysburg, the hometown of our dear friend Keith G.

Meow-hi from Gemma and Schnabbies

3 thoughts on “(Canal) Locks of Love from NY & OH”

  1. Nice post – A lot of beautiful photos!
    I enjoyed your text regarding New York – So many people only think of NY as NYC!!
    New York State us HUGE and has so much to offer in terms of wilderness, parks, & recreation. I’m glad you got to experience that!
    Keep on enjoying the journey!


  2. Was just thinking how it has been a year since this adventure started and was wondering what your next move is going to be. There definitely is a place out there that meets all your requirements!


  3. Interesting comments on Niagara. We have the opportunity to stop by there this fall and have been trying to decide whether to visit the falls or not. It’s a tough call for exactly the reasons you mention. It’s an incredible site to see, but it’s surrounded by touristy crap. And we hate touristy crap…. hmmmmm, we’ll see. Anyway, nice post about several areas we’ll be heading toward soon. I’ll keep these places and campgrounds in mind as we start planning that leg of the trip.


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