A Bryan, Jaimi, & Merlin selfie during our 1st RV outing in Castaic, CA

Thank you for visiting our site – welcome.

Before we get started, we want to give a BIG thank you to our friends Zac and Emily for creating our header image and Merlin icon!

Now onto the basics about us. Bryan and I have been married a few years now. We have grown quite sick of city-living and the daily grind. We dreamed up an escape and RV adventure years ago and in November 2014 started putting this plan slowly in motion. The plan is to dismantle our life in Los Angeles and set off for a minimum of a year on the road travelling throughout the USA in our RV (his name is Merlin – more on him later) along with our two cats Gemma Teller-Morrow and Parker Schnabel. When and where will this adventure end you may be asking? Well – we don’t really know. If the gypsy life works for us and we can find ways to earn money on the road – this could extend beyond the first year. Or we may come across some town in Anywhere, USA that suits us and we’ll lay some roots there. It’s all a mystery for now – so stay tuned!



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