Making Merlin – Part One

Everyone – this is Merlin; Merlin – this is everyone 🙂


We purchased Merlin back in March and were ecstatic to find him!! We had been on the motor-home search for the past year or so and gone from wanting a Class C to Class A, from wanting brand-new to considering something used, and everything in-between. We ultimately decided that getting something used and a bit older was our best bet. We’d be able to afford a reputable maker and get a higher end model with still some room in the budget for renovations to make it our own.

If you have not been in an RV before – let me tell you: their interiors are typically HORRID! Especially ones that are 10 years or older. But even the new ones can leave so much to be desired. We knew we’d want to change a lot on the inside – we just had no idea how much work would be involved!

Merlin’s interior was definitely not our style in anyway shape or form. No joke – it was called “Ginger Snap” and there were rope accents involved and mauve was present. Though, to be honest, if this wasn’t going to be our full-time home for at least the next year, we’d have lived with it. Everything was in fantastic condition and compared to what else we saw in our search – it was really tolerable. But because this was to be our home – things had to change. Here are a few before pics to help orient you to the Before Merlin with a side of Ginger Snaps: