Florida pt1: Panhandle on down

Gulf Coast MS and AL

Mississippi and Alabama are pretty narrow along the coast so we didn’t end up spending much time there.  The Biloxi casinos were calling but we, and the budget, decided against it.  Jaimi thoroughly enjoyed driving under Mobile, Alabama in this tunnel on the 10 freeway!


We stayed a night at the prettiest Walmart yet in Daphne, Alabama, while stocking up on supplies.

Florida Panhandle

Arriving in Florida we were scared that EVERYWHERE would be booked and expensive but our first stop was a free stay at Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area.  There were no hookups here but it was another beautiful spot right on the water.

We realized while staying here that Bryan’s cousin lived not too far away so we went off to see Angela and Wally!  It was great catching up and seeing their new home.  Thanks to Angela for our delicious bbq dinner.


There were a couple of hiking trails in the area just outside our campground.

Hiking around in here is pretty cool.  Not sure if you’ll see a bear or a dinosaur.

Also nearby was Ft. Pickens, a fort used only during the civil war, but an architectural beauty.

The day we left this campground we decided we had to stop at the beach before moving on.  The Gulf Islands National Seashore was just waiting for us to go for a swim.

We had another refill stop at Walmart in Panama City Beach. There happened to be a Mardi Gras celebration going on at the park behind it and we got to eat dinner in the parking lot and enjoy fireworks.  We also really enjoyed the airbrush shop inside Walmart! I’m pretty sure this is a Florida only department.


Cedar Key

We were lucky enough to find an artist to stay with in Cedar Key through the Harvest Host program.  Mary Ellen was super welcoming and we had a blast exploring Cedar Key and hanging out with her and her friends around the fire.  Thanks Mary Ellen!

There was an awesome tiki bar just down the street with great sunset views, fun stools, and cool glass bottle walls.

During our kayak trip we saw swimming rays, jumping mullet, dolphins, and many horseshoe crabs.

We also had some great food at 83 west. The key lime cake was sooooooo good! Sorry, we ate the rest of the food before we could share the magic in a photo.



Leesburg, FL = Family time!

Leaving Cedar Key we were excited to be on our way to Bryan’s Uncle Joe and Aunt Deb’s house.  Merlin was greeted with the most amazing poolside spot you could ask for, and we were greeted with friendly faces.  We had the best time rocking out with our own private karaoke in their game room.  Their property looked so beautiful with all the old oak trees and spanish moss.

As it turned out Jaimi had cousins not far away in Mt. Dora who she had not seen in a really long time.  We had an awesome barbecue to hang out and catch up. Thanks to Uncle Joe and Aunt Deb for hosting the reunion!

Jaimi and her cousin Natosha making up for lost time (20+ years!)

We also finally got to a solar project involving relocating the charge controller inside.  The main problem was that with the controller on the panels they could not stay in the rain.  This is now a much nicer solution.  We also began the install of a volt and ammeter which will give us a better idea of how much current we are drawing at any given time.   The multi-tool cutter that my dad got me worked great for cutting out the precise holes for the displays.


As usual the kitties are being awesome and even trying to help with taxes.  They also let us know what is going on outside the door.  It is a rough life being an RV cat.

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